Martina Singer Photography Installation

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I hope you enjoy watching my artprocess as it has developed through a lot of different phases and years.


10 Seconds Selftimer - the last half year - the time I have to put myself into the scene. This condition - in conjuction with short time or long time exposure - creates a lot of very interesting photos. 

I also deal with different women roles, take often ironically. Fabric, clothing, costume, shell versus nudity stage, these topics keep me busy.


Mythological aspects - the animal, the plant - inspired by the butoh dance influence my work.

The foolish often plays a big role and is looking among other things, the relationship to Bosch and Brueghelfigures.

There is a fairytale part, mainly digital photocollages, all photos shot by myself. The new photos are made in my" Black Room" in my studio.

Another part are the landscapes, also digital collages. Everything you see in these series is built by myself. 


The recent artworks, years ago, working with similare themes. These photos are all analog.


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Butterfly with many feelers
Butterfly with many feelers