live lines

Art is for me the best way to get in touch with life


1960       born in Munich

                based in Munich


                artistically active since 1986 


2018       Group exhibition


2018       Master examiation Kung Fu, 

                Ajahn Lao, Munich

2018       Exhibition, "Census to Bethlehem"

                in Arskrippana, Losheim/Eifel

2016       Exhibition, scupltural interpretation                   "Census to Bethlehem" by

                Pieter Brueghel the Elder 1566

                in the Bavarian National Museum

2013       Opera Munich, Opera festival

                soloist Butoh dance, 

                "La trovatore"/Verdi

2013        Participant Art fair

                 "obacht", Munich

2012        Group exhibition from 

                 Gedok, munich

2012        Group exhibition from 

                 Gedok, Leipzig

2010        Solo Exhibition, 

                 Hotel Blauer Bock, munich

2008        Drawings for "Friedrich", 

                 science fiction novel

2006        Group exhibition, 

                 "serienweise", Burghausen        

2005        Solo exhibition,  Weilheim

2004        Group exhibition "Body", 


2003        Exhibition, Munich Science Days

1997/98  Various performances, company 

                 Stefan Maria Marb



Artistically Education (mainly selfmade but some important stations)


2004 - 2005   Founding member of the    association "wen(n) Gaia inspired e.V" board member. Purpose of the association is in-depth perception of art and culture by nature, Weilheim

1988 - 1990   Participant of seminars, 

academy of visual arts, Munich

1985 - 1986   Cooperation with the theatergroup, located in Düsseldorf, 

assistant in the design of the scenery and development of own roles.

1986 - 1987   Visit of the drawing school    Zeiler, munich

1984               Half-year stage internship in the painting hall of the Bavarian Opera, munich




2001               Publication magazine from 40

2017               AZ Munich from 14.01.2017,                                "When a picture becomes


2016               Bild Munich from 28.11.2016,                              "Artist recreates                                                      christmaspainting in 3 D"


Martina Singer Pieter Brueghel in 3 D from

BR - Bayerisches Fernsehen.